When deciding on a new floor, you have lots of options, and while ceramic tile is only one of those options, the following are ten facts that set ceramic apart from others. The decorator effect of tile has only recently taken hold in homes of all styles; from contemporary to colonial, tile has a design and style to fit all applications. Tile is widely adaptable and can be used in an array of settings, from kitchens and baths to dining rooms and living rooms. Whether it’s a stone finish you're after or a traditional glazed finish, there’s a style to suit every taste.

Ceramic Tile can be anything from a purely functional sanitary surface to a striking decorative material that establishes the style and mood of an entire space. For the Arts and Crafts and Spanish/Mediterranean styles in particular, ceramic tile is one of the primary theme materials.

For durability under foot traffic, moisture resistance, and ease of cleaning, few materials can be as effective as tile. Tile can be as versatile as required since its several shapes, colors, material and prices range from the smallest budget to the high end spender without any kind of limitation.

Top reasons why to buy Ceramic & Porcelain:

√ Ease of Maintenance. While no floor remains entirely maintenance free, ceramic & Porcelain tile comes about as close at it can to being service free. Short of the application of the occasional sealant, applied once every four years or so, tile requires only the regular cleaning that any flooring surface would require.

√ Adaptability. There is a tile option for nearly any application, and your imagination and creativity are your only limitations when installing tile. From porticos in a dining room to a tiled hearth in front of a fireplace, you can adapt tile to nearly any surface, indoors or out.

√ Cost Effectiveness. Dollar for dollar, tile still remains one of the most cost effective flooring surfaces on the market today. When considering initial costs versus longevity, it becomes quite clear that ceramic tile overall offers the best "dollar per mile" of any flooring surface.

√ Installation Variety. While your installation options are only limited by your imagination, there are a number of ideas already in place to get your creative √ juices flowing. Although flooring has always been the number one usage of ceramic tile, you aren't limited to just floors.

√ Durability. The ancient Romans saw the benefit of tile in its durability, and this fact is not lost on us modern folks. Tile is great for high traffic situations thanks to its strength and resiliency to staining and wear.

√ Ease of Repair. Even though ceramic is strong, there is still the opportunity for breakage, as with any earthenware. When a breakage does occur, repairing tile is far simpler than fixing hardwood or plank flooring.

√ Style. As always, style counts, and tile is no exception to that rule. Tile has a finish and style to adapt to any décor; from southwest to cosmopolitan, there is a color and a texture to fit every need. There is an unlimited variety to tile, from bright vibrant colors to muted tones and everything in between.

√ Design Flexibility. Thanks to the variety of sizing options of ceramic tiles, design flexibility is drastically improved. You can opt for smaller 6" x 6" tiles, all the way up to the 24" x 24", as well as the squaring options, such as "brick and block" or "Flemish" style joints.

√ Capital Improvement. In many cases, adding a tile floor to your home will increase its potential resale value tremendously. Potential buyers will certainly take notice of a well installed and designed tile floor.

Ceramic & Porcelain Samples