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Top reasons why to buy Laminate:

√ Inexpensive. Laminate flooring tends to be about ¼ of the cost of real wood flooring and it is usually about ½ the cost of tile. Of course these percentages can be significantly different based on the style of laminate flooring as well as the types of wood flooring or tile flooring that they are compared to. Laminate flooring is almost always less expensive than it's two counterparts though!

√ Durability. While laminate flooring is not indestructible, it is quite durable. It can withstand things such as having plates or glass dropped on it without cracking. Most tile flooring would crack if a heavy object is dropped on it but laminate flooring is more tolerant of such occurrences.

√ Fade Resistant. Most laminate flooring is semi fade resistant. What this means is that after years of wear and tear it will usually hold up better than most wood flooring in terms of color fading.

√ Stain Resistant. Laminate flooring is protected with a stain resistant wear top layer that is much like the layer that is used on countertop surfaces. It is resistant to most stains and easy to clean.

√ Easy To Install. Laminate flooring is relatively easy to install especially compared to tile flooring or real wood flooring. Most laminate flooring is a lock and groove type which just slides together like a puzzle. Laminate flooring can be installed by homeowners even with relatively little flooring installation experience.

√ Versatility of Use. Laminate flooring can be installed on all type of subfloors. What this means is that laminate flooring can be installed over concrete, wood
subfloors, or existing flooring. Because the laminate flooring is floated on top of the subfloor it has many uses.

√ Realistic Look. Laminate flooring is created with a very realistic look in mind. While it may be highly unlikely that homeowners can afford a rare wood or stone flooring, many laminate flooring styles have been created with the same look in mind at a very affordable price.

√ Replaceable. In the event that homeowners wish to change the flooring in their home later on, laminate flooring offers ease when it comes to replacing it. Since it is not adhered to the subfloor the way that tile and wood flooring is laminate flooring is easy to remove and replace at a later date.

√ Dent Resistant and Impact Resistant. Laminate flooring is impact resistant and it resists denting as well. Tile flooring will break with impact and wood flooring tends to dent with impact. Laminate flooring is resistant to both!

√ Easy to Clean. Laminate flooring does not require varnish or stain like wood flooring. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean than tile flooring because it does not have the grooves and grout lines that tile flooring has. Most times, laminate flooring can be spot cleaned and occasionally it should be mopped with a damp mop then towel dried.

Laminate Samples