Marble & Granite floors are unique and beautiful but they require special attention and care. Not all marble floors are the same, some require more attention and others but in general they all have to be treated in a similar way. Marble floors can get scratch or stained easily and that's why you have to choose the right one for your specific need.

Not taking good care of your marble floor may result in some extra costs for polishing or in the worst case even resurfacing your floor.

There are many types of flooring materials, some are said to be difficult to maintain, hard to clean and easily damaged, but marble floors have runaway to all these concerns and problems.

Top reasons why to buy Marble & Granite:

√ It's Cool. Marble & Granite floors at your home can keep you cool even having a hot, sunny day, you can still walk barefoot on that cool and smooth marble floor at your home. Indeed, this cooling property in warm climate is the first advantage of marble flooring. The marble floor will stay cool amidst of the heat of summer and of course it is smooth to your feet.

√ Extremely high in quality. The quality and finish of marble Granite floor are certainly high. And there is huge variety of marble to choose from, there are a lot of different natural patterns running through the stone, that is why there is a lot of variety of them, this are actually among the reasons why marble never go out of style.

√ Durability. Marble & Granite is treated with a propriety stain resistant sealant, when it is laid on the floor, which will protect the floor for ten years. Then of course, it is suggested to be resealed after the ten long years.

√ Very easy to clean. Another advantage is that Marble & Grante floors can survive spills and dirt, of course if you clean it right away. Though, strong acidic liquids can actually cause stains, but it can be professionally removed. Indeed, marble floorings are almost maintenance free. All you need to do in cleaning marble floors is mopping with hot water and leave it to dry, and viola, the marble floors are clean again.

√ Powerful & Long Lasting. As soon as the marble tiles are laid, they will remain in place for a long, long time, which is an advantage right, unlike other tiles that are easily damaged. Marble tiles are superbly cool in the heat of summer, but it is quite different when winter. Since marble floors can maintain the coolness of a home, so it is then advisable to put rugs to the floor in winter time, to cover the floor.

√ Although expensive, marble & granite have a lot of advantages especially to those homes that are situated to warmer climates. Certainly, marble floors express status and success, it comes with variety of styles, they are long lasting and its durability is unquestionable. They are even easily to maintain and clean. So, generally, marble tiles are absolutely the best choice for your homes.

Marble & Granite Samples