Before you visit us, please take a moment to review these questions so that we can have a better idea on what floor is best for you! The more you're willing to share when asked questions like these below, the better your flooring selection will be.

How is the room used?
What is the activity level of the room?
Is there a door to the outside in the room?
Do you have indoor pets?
What are the room's lighting sources?
What types, styles, colors of furnishings do you have?
What's the style of the room? Casual? Formal? Somewhere in between?
Are you living with this new flooring or planning to sell your home?
What is the size of the room?
Will people have food in this room? Will kids play in this room?

Use your common sense as much as possible. The more information the sales associate assisting you, the more we can provide you with the best possible floor.

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